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Category: Big data, open data platforms, web services

Overview: Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers scalable access to remote IT infrastructure services (cloud computing). AWS offers a number of cloud-based services of use to regional economic analysts and data providers, including dataset hosting and computing, public dataset access, and data search, cleaning, and verification.

Scope: Currently, Public Data Sets on AWS provides access to 13 economic and geographic data sets. Its capacity to host such datasets is close to limitless.

Form: User-determined

Access: Free access to public datasets. Hosting and computing services available on a usage basis.

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Data providers can use AWS to host, compute, and analyze Big Data sets. Providers can choose to make these datasets freely available through Public Data Sets on AWS. Researchers also can make use of AWS services to analyze very large data sets. Data users can download existing data from Public Data Sets on AWS. All can obtain data search, cleaning, and verification services through the Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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Website: Amazon Web Services

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