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Categories: Business creation and development; labor markets; longitudinal databases; regional industries and economies

Overview: (YE) is a user-friendly site that draws on the annual National Establishment Time Series (NETS) to provide business census statistics. YE captures regional growth, at state, county, and MSA-levels, in terms of employment, sales, and establishment dynamics. Results are filterable by 3-digit NAICS codes. In YE calculations, local businesses, local businesses with non-local headquarters, and non-business employers are included. The tool is freely available, with more detailed data available as part of a premium subscription.

Units of Analysis: Establishments, jobs, and sales

Coverage: Firms in the Dun & Bradstreet database

Level of Detail: 3-digit NAICS code, MSA and county level

Form: Interactive inquiry

Key Data Elements:

  • Growth factors, resulting in establishment & employment gains and losses
    • Births/deaths
    • Expansions
    • Relocations
  • Establishment size
  • Number of establishments within a defined geography
  • Metrics are divided by sector type
    • Noncommercial¬†(educational institutions, government, nonprofits, etc.)
    • Nonresident (businesses with non-local headquarters)
    • Resident (local businesses)

Size: 25 million active business establishments; 44 million total establishments over time

Timeframe: 1990 to present (with 12 to 18-month lag).

Frequency: Annual

Data Sources: From the National Establishment Time Series (NETS); tracks firms using their assigned Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS).

Access: General access free; Premium service provides detailed job and establishment data, including openings, closings, expansions, contractions, and relocations

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Identify dynamics of regional economic change, such as expansions of existing establishments, impacts of relocating firms, job contributions from resident and non-resident establishments

For Additional Information:

  • Website:
  • Contact: T.J. Becker, Marketing and Media
    • Phone: (269) 445-4294
    • Email:
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