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Categories: Big Data, open data platforms, web services; data analysis and visualization tools

Overview: GeoIQ is a client-based geospatial data management, visualization, and analysis platform. Users can share and merge data, while using location as the common pivot point to identify trends and patterns, fuse together large amounts of information from numerous data sources, and identify trends and opportunities to drive better business decisions. Data and maps are shared through GeoCommons, a public platform to which GeoIQ users contribute location-relevant information.

Form: Geospatial analysis tool

Units of analysis: User-determined

Coverage: GeoIQ relies on user-submitted data on which geospatial data analysis is performed

Key Functions: Allows for the use of many geospatial analytical techniques, including aggregation, prediction within and across data sets, filtering, option for custom equations creation, temporal analysis of time-based data

  • GeoIQ Explorer
  • GeoIQ Geocoder
  • GeoIQ Acetate
  • GeoIQ Mobile
  • GeoIQ Social
  • Pro Services
  • Dev Tools

Size: More than 27,000 active users have mapped over 508,000 data layers and used more than 2.5 million data sets to create 9.5 million maps

Frequency: More than 27,000 users regularly upload data sets

Access: Data published to be publicly available is analyzed for free; proprietary data analysis is conducted on a subscription-basis

Potential Use for Regional Analysis: Geospatial data analysis can track a diverse set of location-specific factors, including infrastructure, population concentration, demographics, employment density, and other regional development indicators.

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