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Category: Data intermediaries and integrators; prices and costs; regional industries and economies

Overview:  Moody’s Analytics is a leading independent provider of data, analysis, modeling, and forecasts on national, state, metro, and county economies.  Their staff of 65 economists and 25 data specialists collects time series of historical economic data and create forecasts for key indicators down to the detailed regional level.

Form: Aggregate data tables

Units of Analysis: Includes firms, establishments, workers, jobs

Scope: Data from public sources and from partner organizations such as Equifax, LPS, Corelogic, NAR, and Case Shiller among others.

Geographic Detail:  National, state, metro, counties

Key Data Elements: Topics includes banking/financial, consumer credit, demographics, price/interest rates, industry/labor/employment, housing/real estate

Functionality: Includes data download, charting and mapping, and automating report generation

Timeframe: History goes back as far as the source goes and forecasts are for 30 years

Frequency: Historical data is updated within hours of being released from the source. Baseline and five alternative scenario forecasts are updated monthly.

Access:  Historical and forecast data are available on a subscription basis through DataBuffet, a web-based interface that allows downloads to most software formats. Access to the company’s staff of 65 economists is included with every subscription.

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Analyze multiple dimensions of regional economies. Forecasting.

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