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Category: Labor markets

Overview: Burning Glass Technologies is a leading provider of labor market analytic and career exploration solutions. A management-owned company founded by scientists, Burning Glass controls several active or pending patents in the fields of data extraction, information interpretation, behavioral profile generation, entity matching, and machine learning.

Burning Glass has applied advanced technologies for collecting and reading free text information from online job ads to create a web-based reporting tool, Labor/Insight.  Labor/Insight allows the user to query its comprehensive database of job posting information extracted from over 17,000 online job boards, newspapers, and employer sites on a daily basis.  Users can use Labor/Insight to analyze changing employer demand for occupations, skills, education, and certification requirements. Labor/Insight can also be used to identify new and emerging jobs and industries, and changes in individual employer hiring demand within and across sectors.

Labor/Insight differentiates itself from products which utilize key-word text searches or O*Net code searches by applying Statistical Natural Language Processing to mine job posting texts to create an expanded data record that includes skills, education, certification, and salary information in addition to traditionally captured information on occupation, employer, industry, and location.

Units of Analysis: Job posting; Regional, state, county and city job markets; Specific occupation, job title, skill, or educational credential selected for analysis

Coverage: National, state, city and county job markets, based on more than 17,000 online job-posting sources

Size: Data from approximately 15 to 16 million unique online job listings collected annually

Form: Database of online job postings

Key Data Elements: Data record elements include job function, employer industry, location, education, certification, and skill requirements, and normalized salary; analysis tools identify geographic-specific job market demands and existing and emerging skill and credential requirements

Timeframe: From 2007 to the present

Frequency: Real-time tracking

Data Collection Method: Patented technology that aggregates, extracts, codes, and normalizes job data from more than 17,000 job boards, newspapers, employers, and other websites

Access: Subscription

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Labor/Insight provides (i) profiles of strategic and growth sectors, analysis of existing or lagging skills concentrations, and employer targeting strategies, and (ii) workforce training support and suggestions for alignment to match specific demands for skills in the regional job market.

For Additional Information:

  • Website: Burning Glass
  • Contact: Michael Cox, Director of Enterprise Sales and Solutions
  • Phone: t +1 (617) 227-4800 x 120; m +44 (0) 7870 523024
    • Email:
    • Address: Burning Glass Technologies, One Faneuil Hall Market, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 021009
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