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Categories: Networks and relationships; R&D, innovation, and commercialization

Overview: Discovery Logic connects the dots across scientific and business databases to inform R&D investment decisions, visualize trends, locate experts and evaluate project and portfolio performance. Specializing in mining and refining knowledge from large scientific databases, Thomson Reuters connects research to impact. Subject matter experts deliver custom content, metrics and indicators, tools and systems, and interpretive studies and reports
that support producers, funders and publishers of research and scientific information.

The global platform, ScienceWire®, aggregates content and related people, products, organizations and outcomes. In addition it combines search and data mining technology, advanced algorithms and inter-source linkages among real-time open-source and proprietary databases including cross-agency R&D grant data, patents, citations, journals and news. They maintain and update these databases, create and apply algorithms to extract and link information across the databases, and deliver custom solutions that allow clients to apply the data to address their business needs.

Units of analysis: includes experts, research products, research organizations

Coverage: Contents of source databases, including:

  • Publication and topic data from Web of Science SM and NLM MEDLINE
  • Grant award data from the NIH, NSF, DOE, DOD, USDA, and NASA
  • Patent data from the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Derwent Patent Data Form: Analytic tool

Access: Subscription

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Users are able to create scientific decision support systems.

For Additional Information:

  • Website: Discovery Logic—Thomas Reuters
  • Contacts:
    • Matt Probus (
    • Elizabeth Deitz (
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