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Categories: Networks and relationships; R&D, innovation, commercialization

Overview: SciENcv, or Science Experts Network and CV, is a voluntary data platform that will allow the scientific community to document their research activity and maintain pertinent and current CV information.  The SciENCV project is closely connected to the STAR METRICS program.

Unit of Analysis: R&D researchers

Coverage: Researchers who chose to participate in the program

Form: Database, report-generating tools

Key Data Elements: Measures include research expertise, employment, education, and professional accomplishments. Data can be categorized by individual researcher, specific project, and institution.

Method: The data collection in SciENcv will be facilitated by automated feeds from existing data repositories. Information will be claimed and controlled by the users. The system will allow researchers to prepopulate data collections associated with extramural grants and other federally supported research projects. A researcher’s SciENcv will describe an individual’s scientific contributions and it will allow for discovery of potential partnerships through the open source database. The researcher owns all of their profile data and can control its visibility.

Timeframe: Pilot system to be introduced in early fall 2012.

Frequency: As part of the Star Metrics pilot project, this platform operates as an open source database that is continuously updated.

Access: Open access, any researcher may register in the system.  The individual researchers control the visibility of their data.

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Researchers can use the data to analyze expertise, education, networks, and research by an area or institution. 

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