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Categories: Networks and relationships; R&D, innovation and commercialization

Overview: Elsevier’s SciVal suite of online tools and analytical services provides information about expertise availability, researcher productivity, and funding agency activities and characteristics.

Form: Database

Data Source: Publication data from the Scopus database includes 19,500+ peer-reviewed journals from 5,000+ publishers worldwide and 46+ million records; includes data on 14,000+ active funding opportunities and 2.46 million+ awarded from 4,500+ funding agencies. 

Key Data Elements:

Research Institutions:

  • Research networking
  • Researcher performance
  • Funding opportunities and award history
  • Bibliometrics, including publication details, citations & downloads

Funding Agencies:

  • Funding portfolios of similar agencies
  • Funded project spending and performance
  • Reviewer identification
  • Subject-matter expertise identification

SciVal can also integrate content provided by institutions such as HR data, grants, and patents.

Timeframe: The Scopus database includes 25 million records with references back to 1996 (of which 78% include references) and 21 million records pre-1996 which go back as far as 1823.

Frequency: Constantly updated

Access: Subscription

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Assess strengths, capabilities and research topics of researchers and research institutions. Identify researchers with relevant expertise and interests. Examine research awards and explore funding opportunities. Enables identification of collaborative partners.

For Additional Information:

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