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Networks and Relationships

Brief overview
Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge provides access to citations for the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Data is available at the publication level. Researchers are also able to search by author, institution, journal, and subject field.

The Web of Knowledge and Web of Science provide data from the following: 23,000 journals, 23 million patents from 40 patent-issuing countries, 110,000 conference proceedings, 9,000 web sites, 2 million chemical structures, 100 years of back files, 87 million source items, 700 million cited references, and 256 scientific disciplines.

Web of Knowledge offers a range of products: back files, abstracts, citations index, derwent innovation index, science indicators and much more.

This is constantly updated.

This data source compiles and organizes information from a range of sources.

For additional information
Web of Knowledge

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