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Category: Prices and costs

Overview: Regional Price Parities (RPPs) are price indexes that measure the price level differences between places for one time period.

Unit of Analysis:  Expenditure Class

Coverage: Food, apparel, recreation, transportation, housing, education, medical, and other goods and services as well as for rents

Geographic Detail: State, metro, county

Timeframe:  2005-2009

Form: Pre-defined tables

Frequency: The release of 2006-11 RPPs is planned for summer 2012.

Access:  Excel data tables

Key Data Element: Spatial price index (US = 100)

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Compare price levels across different geographic areas in general and for specific groups of goods and services. Adjust regional measures of income and output for price level differences.

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  • “Regional Price Parities by Expenditure Class for 2005-2009 in the May 2011 issue of the Survey of Current Business
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