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R&D and Innovation; Networks and Relationships


Brief overview
Researchers Lynne G. Zucker and Michael R. Darby, along with a large team of scholars, have developed the Connecting Outcome Measures in Entrepreneurship Technology and Science (COMETS) database that links public investment in R&D through the paths of knowledge creation.

COMETS currently provides data on patents, patent citations, and grants.

Currently, COMETS includes data on all NSF and NIH grants and US utility patents from 1976-2009. The COMETS research team is currently gathering data on research universities (IPEDS/HEGIS), Ph.D. dissertations (Proquest), new and pre-existing firms (CUSIP and data from the web); and patent applications.

The COMETS data is currently divided into two sections: patents and grants. Data on patents include citations, counts, classes, assignees, abstracts, investors, and organizational codes. Data on grants detail PIs, co-PIs, fields, federal agency, and Zucker-Darby Science and Technology Area classifications.

Data on patents and grants spans 1976 to 2009. The beta version test site includes more recent data, but is not currently available to the public.

Data on patents and grants have been gathered from BEA, ISO, NSF, NIH, and Zucker-Darby’s classification codes. For more detail, please refer to their codebook available on the website.

Link to Kauffman COMETS

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