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R&D and Innovation

Brief overview
The Association of University and Technology Managers (AUTM) proposes to create a set of indices that report on the impact of a research institution’s contributions to the economic health of the surrounding communities.

To understand the economic impact of a university, it is important to consider the innovation ecosystem. Thus, the level of metrics needed for this project include the city; local, regional and national governments; business support services and policies; and funding.

Once these indices have been developed, they will be accessible to a broad range of academic institutions.

Measures to evaluate the innovative ecosystem will draw from the following themes: institutional support for entrepreneurship and economic development; ecosystem of the institution; human transfer activities; technology knowledge transfer activities; network creation activities; and value creation activities.

This project is intended to develop metrics for use of analysis.

While the AUTM New Metrics subcommittee is leading this effort, they are calling upon other scholars to assist with this project. The proposal outlining AUTM’s Institutional Economic Engagement Index is intended to stimulate discussion to hone the proposed themes into specific measures that will be suitable for broad use.

Link to AUTM Metrics

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