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R&D and Innovation

R&D Dashboard

Brief overview
In response to the eGov Act of 2002 Section 207, the R&D Dashboard website was created to provide consolidated access to public data of U.S. federal investments in science from NIH and NSF.  In future stages, data will be expanded to include all sources of federal R&D spending and greater coverage of outputs.

R&D Dashboard presents data on “investments” and “outputs.” Investments are the federal grants issued to research institutions, while outputs are the publication and patents produced by researchers. Data can be culled by geographic level and topic area.

Provides access to data on NIH and NSF grants to research institutions.

Federal grant awards from the NIH & NSF; publication data from the NIH,  patent data from USPTO, and Census geographic detail

Still in beta stage, data are available from 2000-2009 

Website consolidates publicly available data that can be viewed within geographic tool. Data can be downloaded in spreadsheet form.

Link to R&D Dashboard

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