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Brief overview
Elsevier’s SciVal suite of online tools and analytical services provides information about researcher productivity and expertise at all organizational levels. Institutions performing research use SciVal to make decisions regarding strategic direction, resource allocations, funding opportunities and collaboration.  Institutions funding research use SciVal to manage strategic planning, budgeting and administrative tasks.

SciVal provides publication data as well as funding opportunity and awarded grants data. SciVal can also integrate institutional content such as patents, publications, grants and HR information. Individual users can contribute content.

SciVal offers publication data from the Scopus database, which includes +19,500 peer-reviewed journals from +5,000 publishers worldwide and +46 million records. SciVal also provides data on +14,000 active funding opportunities and +2.46 million awarded grants (back to 2004) from +4,500 funding agencies.

SciVal offers a wide range of measures, benchmarks and visualizations to help users evaluate productivity and impact at the researcher, departmental and institutional level.

SciVal data is constantly updated.

SciVal compiles and organization information from a range of sources

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