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Category:  R&D, innovation, and commercialization

Overview: Thomas is an information and technology company that connects buyers and sellers, primarily business-to-business in manufacturing. ThomasNet is an online platform that combines semantic product search technology with company profiles.  The ThomasNet Product News Room generates notice of and information on a very large number of new product introductions in the U.S.

Units of Analysis: Product introductions, companies

Coverage and Size: Database of more than 607,000 companies in the industrial marketplace, categorized by 67,000 product and service classifications

Key Data Elements: New product announcements contain information on product, company, location, and market. Subtantial information available on individual firms as well.

Timeframe: Annoucements are made available in real time

Data Collection Method:  Self-reported by suppliers and verified by ThomasNet editors

Access: Individual announcements free at & ThomasNet News. Customized databases available on request, for fee. ThomasNet is open to discussions about providing data in all formats.

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Identify extent and nature of product introduction trends by region

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