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Category: R&D, innovation, and commercialization

Overview: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) serves as the central repository for U.S. intellectual property in the form of patents and trademarks. The USPTO provides public access to a variety of statistics and datasets. It is expanding its portfolio of research datasets.

Unit of Analysis: Patent and trademark filings and grants

Coverage: All U.S. patent and trademark filings and grants.

Form: Searchable and downloadable databases from USPTO and Google, and aggregate tables from USPTO

Key Data Elements:

  • Patents: Patent number, application date, issue date, description, claims, inventor information (name, city and state/country), patent attorney or agent information, assignee information (name, city and state/country)
  • Trademarks: Registration number, filing date, registration date, registration class, mark identification and drawing, renewal date(s) and information, registrant/assignee information

Frequency: Updated every Tuesday


  • Searchable databases of published patent grants and applications and registered trademarks and applications.
  • Patent and trademark public data in bulk form. Bulk data product availability is detailed here.
  • Aggregate calendar year data tables of various patent statistics, including applications and grants by industry, inventor and regional areas.
  • Through Google, free online access to data products that are available from USPTO on a fee basis or only on physical media.  For access: bulk data.
  • Google also has a special data product, Public PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) data. USPTO authorizes Google to “mine” data from its Web site during hours of low usage.  This arrangement serves as a bridge until such time that the USPTO is able to directly offer this data in bulk format. For access: public PAIR bulk data.

Potential Uses for Regional Analysis: Regional analysis of patent and trademark activity.

For Additional Information:

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